About us

Taxi Super has been specifically designed to meet the needs of employers in the Taxi Industry, and their employees, with active input from industry bodies.

Taxi Super has been actively supporting the Taxi Industry for over 15 years. The Fund currently provides superannuation to a wide range of businesses in the industry, with over 2,400 members.

The Fund provides a variety of investment and insurance options, allowing member to tailor their superannuation plan to meet their own specific needs. For employers, we provide a simple and flexible administration framework, with highly personalized service and support.

Taxi Super is a sub-plan of AMG Super. AMG Super is a boutique superannuation fund established in 2000 as a joint initiative between DDH Graham Limited and Pension Investments Limited. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of our members and help them achieve their retirement goals.

Our low fees, large investment choice and attention to customer service make us a super fund of choice.