Flexible Employer Super Solution

Taxi Super offers a corporate super solution with the flexibility to meet the needs of all employees. With Taxi Super plan your employees can choose the level of involvement and flexibility they want. They can default into the MySuper approved option or they can take control of how their super is invested.

Benefits and Features of Taxi Super

The key bebefits of Taxi Super include:

  • ‘MySuper’ is an approved low cost MySuper product
  • Taxi Super is part of the AMG Super which is an independently AAA rated
  • Unrivalled level of investment flexibility for employees
  • High levels of automatic insurance cover at low costs (with tailored arrangements available)
  • Ability to also transfer any existing insurance within super
  • Full online account access available for employer and employees

How Taxi Super helps you

Taxi Super understands that superannuation isn’t necessarily the first thing on everyone’s mind when it comes to running a business. It is however important. This is why we aim to make it as simple as possible for you to set up and manage your superannuation account and pay employee contributions.

Some of the ways we support our employers include:

  • Dedicated Taxi Super Account Manager to help with transition and payroll set up
  • We provide employers with a Super Stream solution so you can pay all employees contributions in one simple place regardless of how many different funds your employees choose.
  • When you need on-going support, you will be dealing directly with one of our friendly trained staff and not with a machine or call centre.