Fees & Costs

MySuper Option

Type of Fee
Establishment FeeNil
Contribution FeeNil
Termination FeeNil
Switching FeeNil (however a buy sell spread may apply)
Transaction FeeNil
Investment Fee0.03% of assets per year (estimated)
Administration Fee

$65 per year ($1.25 per week)
0.56% of assets per year (estimated)
Withdrawal Fee $50
Indirect cost ratio0.40% of assets per year (estimated)

*There may be performance fees payable depending on whether performance benchmarks are met by the underlying investment managers.

Choice Options

Type of Fee
Establishment FeeNil
Contribution FeeNil
Termination FeeNil
Switching FeeNil, however other fees and costs may apply when you
change your investments depending on the investment
Investment FeeAll members: 0.03% of assets per year
Administration Fee

All members: $65 per year ($1.25 per week) per account
Plus, for members in the AMG MySuper option: 0.56% of
assets in the Mysuper option per year (estimated)

Plus, for members in investment options other than the
AMG MySuper option:
0.76% per year of your account balance invested in these
investment options (Unless a reduced administration
fee has been negotiated by your employer. If a reduced
Administration fee has been negotiated this will be shown
in an Employer Plan Additional Information Schedule)

Plus, for members invested in the Direct Share Option:
0.90% per year of the cash holdings in your cash
management account (CMA)
Withdrawal Fee$50 per payment
Indirect cost ratioMulti-Manager Investment Options (other than AMG
MySuper option): 0.00% - 0.91% of assets per year
(estimated)depending on the investment option

Single Manager, Direct Share and Term Deposit Options:
Not applicable (however the investments available via
these options may have their own fees and costs)

More Information

This is a summary of the fees and costs of the Taxi Super product. Please refer to the Taxi Super Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about this product. We recommend you seek appropriately qualified financial advice.